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control advocates. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: we get reaction to today's vote and what it means for the future of gun legislation. >> ifill: then, conflicting reports caused confusion over the status of the investigation into the boston bombings. we have the latest on what's known and what's not. >> brown: letters sent to the president and members of congress were believed to contain the poison, ricin. todd zwillich of wnyc reports on the suspicious packages. >> ifill: and britain's first female prime minister is buried. in london, thousands turn out to wish margaret thatcher a fond farewell, others to bid her good riddance. >> brown: marcia coyle has analysis of today's unanimous ruling from the supreme court that blocks human rights cases abroad from being tried in the u.s. >> ifill: and judy woodruff talks to the author of the new book "clean," about his deep dive into the myths and realities of drug addiction. >> it's seen as a choice: "if you're having problems in your life because you're using drugs or you're drin
for joining us. >> thank you. >> brown: still to come on the "newshour": the latest from boston on the investigation into the bombings; suspicious packages are sent to washington; praise and protest for britain's "iron lady"; a unanimous decision at the supreme court and a deeper look at addiction. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the investigation into the killings of a north texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor took a new turn today. authorities said kim williams-- the wife of a former justice of the peace-- has been charged with capital murder. investigators had been focusing on her husband-- eric williams. he was arrested saturday for making threats. the murdered officials prosecuted williams for computer theft last year. he was convicted and lost his elected position. the u.s. supreme court has sent down new guidelines for handling suspected drunken drivers. a decision today said in most such cases, police must try to get a search warrant before ordering blood tests. that's already the case in about half
in the hospital, including four people critically injured, terrell brown in boston and begins our coverage. >> reporter: in this newly released police helicopter video you can see the final minutes of friday's day long pursuit of zokar tsarnaev, his body highlighted by thermal heat imaging. soon after police surrounded him hiding in a boat in a watertown resident's backyard, they sent in a robot to check for explosives but there were none. as officers approached the boat, boston police commissioner ed davis says tsarnaev started shooting. >> no one was struck there but there was gunfire emitting from the boat. it's hard to say where it was aimed. >> reporter: after an hour-long standoff officers fired stun grenades and then apprehended tsarnaev. since his capture he hasn't been able to talk but officials say they believe he and his brother act add loan in monday's marathon bombings. three days after the attack that killed three and injured dozens, the big break came when the brothers carjacked a mercedes suv in cambridge. watertown police chief ed deveau said the vehicle's owner left a cel
. , red, black, white, brown yellow. why can't our schools be typical of the whole country? [applause] , we are educated together then they can discriminate and say, we would hire you if you were qualified. if you were educated beside that white girl or that white noise -- boy, you got the same education. where is the difference what we need to do is reach over and understand that clean need to be totally integrated in this country -- understand that we need to be totally integrated in this country. [applause] >> the challenge to the black mega , you have seen churches today, but we have not seen the connection to the movement. in our seen this week what is your message to the pastors of today as one who has been unparalleled our history as a leading minister? >> thank you, reverend sharpton, i am honored to be a part of this historic panel. let me commend you for the activist leadership that you are providing. [applause] about where we are in terms of then, now, and not yet. i walkedrld that was, 12 miles per day one way to get to high school. there were prayer is all along the wa
is bill iffrig. he's 78 years old. terrell brown is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill iffrig was about to finish his third run in the boston marathon when the first explosion went off and literally knocked him off his feet. as the first bomb exploded near the finish line one runner is seen falling to the ground. legs buckled by the blast. the runner is 78-year-old bill iffrig. >> shock waves just hit my whole body and my legs just started jittering around. i knew i was going down. >> reporter: a veteran of 45 marathons. iffrig traveled from his home in washington state to run the boston marathon for a third time. >> i was just approaching the last straightaway to the finish line. i had a good day. i was feeling really good. >> reporter: fewer than 20 feet from the finish line when the explosion forced him down. iffrig says his injuries were minor. >> didn't feel any severe pain. as i rolled over i seen a scratch on my leg. nothing too bad. i laid there just momentarily. >> iffrig was surrounded by first responders and helped up by marath
in a gray hoodie a white skinned or caucasian male with light brown curling hair. that's the individual we are looking for at this moment. >> that's suspect number 2. >> that's suspect number 2, the white capped individual. >> stephanie: and after that they released the names? >> yeah, they released the names sometime last night, and since then all kinds of information flooded in. and again, it looks like the brother who is still alive, apparently just graduated from a prestigious high school in the boston area, and was given a $2,500 scholarship from the city of cambridge to pursue college. the other brother was apparently in medical school. these were successful at least academically, and obviously there is a whole team that is going through to analyze their facebook postings and try to figure out what may have caused these two academically achieving brothers to snap and decide to bomb the boston marathon and go on this killing spree and kill a police officer last night. >> stephanie: i heard somebody speculating on tv as we want to do when, you know there's a lack
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curriculum in other curriculums. >> this exists. we have people at brown, m.i.t. >> thank you for coming in this morning. really appreciate it. do you know how to code? >> i do not. >> you have a whole website. >> what's the coolest thing you can build yourself? >> i think building the site was pretty cool. >> did you build an app? >> yeah. >> dream weaver from adobe, remember that? >> a little different. >> that's not coding. >> let me ask you one more question, what is the ideal background for someone wanting to learn to code. can a liberal arts, person. >> i was a science major. >> what side of brain, is it creative writing? >> it's everything. it's both math and the creative side of things. >> zach, thank you for coming in. really appreciate it. >> dupont chairman and ceo ellen kullman. and executive chairman of google and google ideas. the new digital age. they will join us in the next half hour. cal analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickl
have told me they think that, you know, the willie brown ad was racist but people say that reagan talking about welfare queens was races. there may be some argument to some of those -- [inaudible] >> what is that? what did i say? i do make mistakes. i do make mistakes. but anyway, so that's what me. but i think yeah, i think there is some basis in argument of some of the tactics through the years. and so i think, and the other thing is whether it's fair or not there, there is a perception out there, the republican party, and they think this is what it is in general. there's a perception that republicans don't like people of color. they don't want black people, brown people or people a different color skin. it's not true, but that's the protections we have to overcome. the only way to overcome that is by showing up and saying over and over again that it is not true. and i wanted part of that to be talking about our rich history in civil rights. i think that's an uphill battle because i got a lot of grief for even for the audacity of mentioning it. but i think, in the interim i thin
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)